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OQ Bisat Shuaiba Field Development

OQ Bisat Shuaiba Field Development

Bisat Shuaiba Field Developmentproject involves the construction of early production facility for Bisat Oilfield located at Muscat, Oman. The Bisat was appraised by drilling two horizontal wells revealing oil rates in excess of 1,000 barrels per day of light oil. Bisat is located 35 kilometres north of the production facilities. This is a significant discovery adding to OOCEPÂ’s resource base and providing future growth opportunity. OOCEP is currently finalising its development plan for first oil production, leveraging on its existing production facilities. The Bisat oil discovery has opened up a new play fairway trend in the western margin of the Oman petroleum basin and could help unlock additional oil resources in the block and vicinity. Client is working in cooperation with Oman Ministry of Oil & Gas and Oman Gas Company on this development. The facility is expected to be completed by 2021-end.

Requisition No BST-GEN-PIP-REQ-OEP000-00108-00 U-02

Jobsite Location Bisat, Block 60, Oman

Project Title Bisat Shuaiba Field Developmen

A Supplier Management & Contract Execution Documents
A101 Supplier Document Schedule (SDS) APO + 1 Y Y With MDR Y Y
A102 Supplier Data Requirements List (SDRL) –
A103 Fuel Consumption On site –
A104 Health Safety & Environmental Statistics –
A105 Health Safety & Environmental Management Plan –
A106 Personnel Grievances & Disputes –
A107 Personnel Hours Worked –
A108 Personnel Labor Force –
A109 Program, 3 Week Look-ahead –
A110 Progress Reports As req’d Y –
A111 Project Schedule Y APO + 4 Y Y With MDR Y Y
A112 Project Status –
A113 Sub-Suppliers List Y APO + 4 Y Y With MDR Y 2
A114 Sub-Suppliers List (Major Sub-Orders) With MDR
A115 Supplier Contract Organization Chart –
A116 Supplier Previous Experience & History –
A117 Working Time Lost –
A118 Sub Order Schedule (Detailing Sub-Supplier’s) APO + 4 Y Y With MDR Y Y
A999 Misc. Supplier Management & Contract Exe

Calculations to be presented for the following items:
• Hydraulic line sizing
• Orifice plates and restriction orifices (sizing)
• Control valves and regulators (sizing and noise)
• Bursting discs
• Thermowells (natural and vortex shedding frequency)
• Ball valve operating torque and actuator torque
For control valves this shall include:
CV figures for minimum, normal and maximum flow conditions
• % open figures for above
• Pressure drop for above
• Noise calculations
• Actuator sizing
• Inlet/outlet body velocities

Piping stress isometric drawing showing the extent of calculations.
Calculations of piping stress of lines defined as critical by Purchaser.
Wall thickness calculations.
Branch reinforcement calculations.
Piping stress calculations.

  • Optimize the supply chain for perfect order planning:

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