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C&N Group Delivers steel pipe United Arab Emirates

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Project location:UAE

Product name: Welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transfer

Standard and material:Q235B


Application:Building construction

Arrival time:2024.3

This customer is a merchant from the United Arab Emirates who specializes in building trades. They established a friendly relationship with C&N at last year’s Oman Water Week. Through subsequent communication and visits with C&N, the customer gained a certain understanding of C&N’s products, services, and export experience, and had previously signed two orders.

Q235B is a Chinese standard for mild carbon structural steel. It is similar to ASTM A36 steel in terms of its mechanical properties. Q235B steel has a yield strength of 235 MPa (34 ksi) and a tensile strength of 400 MPa (58 ksi). It is commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Here is a table comparing the mechanical properties of Q235B steel to ASTM A36 steel:

PropertyQ235BASTM A36
Yield strength235 MPa (34 ksi)250 MPa (36 ksi)
Tensile strength400 MPa (58 ksi)400 MPa (58 ksi)
Elongation at break21%20%

Q235B steel has slightly lower yield strength than ASTM A36 steel, but the same tensile strength and elongation at break. This makes it a suitable substitute for ASTM A36 steel in many applications.



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