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C&N Upholds Committed Quality Controls Through Detailed Inspection of Flange Products

In its ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality products, C&N has recently conducted a comprehensive inspection of its flange products directly at the factories. The meticulous process forms part of C&N’s strategy to ensure that all products not only meet but surpass industry standards.

Coming as a routine affair yet bearing high significance, the company’s diligent procurement officer led the inspection, focusing on several crucial aspects of the components. These included thorough dimensional checks, hardness tests, chemical composition analyses, appearance inspections, and ultrasonic tests. This rigour instils reliable performance in the flanges, characterized by optimal durability, fitting accuracy, structural integrity, and visual quality.

Also deemed essential was the examination of the product packaging, a stage often underestimated in importance. By monitoring the packaging process, C&N guarantees that each item is appropriately protected and ready for transportation, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

“We take immense pride in ensuring the high standards of our products,” said a purchasing representative for C&N. “We perform intensive and systematic inspections for every batch of our flanges, extending from manufacturing to packaging, to make certain we deliver nothing but the best to.”



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