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Prefabricate Piping Parts, ASTM A447 Tees and 4″ tube guide rings

Product Details

Product Name: Guide Rings

Product Specifications: Tees and 4″ tube

Product Material: ASTM A447

Number Of Prefabricated Parts: 185pcs

Prefabricated parts include parts and components: pipe fittings, flanges, elbows, steel pipes, gaskets

What is pipe prefabrication?

Pipe prefabrication is manufacturing pieces of pipelines in a factory instead at the construction site. This enables utilization of better tools and working conditions. This results in higher productivity and better quality. It also reduces the lead time at the construction site.

Pipe prefabricates are usually unique. This makes utilization of traditional manufacturing execution systems not feasible. PipeCloud has solved this challenge by extracting from the isometric drawing the structure and needed work phases for each spool. Below picture shows an example of spool structure extracted automatically from an isometric PCF-file. The PCF-file is a typical export file format from most of the common 3D piping design CAD-systems.

By dividing the pipe fabrication work phases into independent sub-processes workshop can utilize serial production methods in 1- size series production.

These work phases can be divided into component phases and Spool/fitting phases. Component phases are related to the components of the spool and fitting phases are dealing with the entire spool.

Each of the independent work phases require different kind of information, which PipeCloud has extracted from the isometric drawings and engineering data.



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