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Steel pipe elbows’ main production technology

The manufacturing technology for butt welding steel elbows does not have a definite standard, but there are many practices in the pipe elbow industry. It is concerning that an industry does not have its own standard, and it is important to summarize the regularity and promote the friendly development of the pipe industry.

There are three main ways to produce elbows:

1、Seamless butt welding elbows: These are made from seamless pipes by heating the pipe and bending it to the desired angle. This is the most widely used method for elbow production in C&N HUITONG Group.

seamless elbow production

2、ERW steel elbows: These are welded elbows made from ERW pipes. The first production step is to make an ERW steel pipe from a steel plate or coil, and then bend it to form an elbow. C&N HUITONG Group supplies these to clients who request this type of elbow for low-pressure applications.

auto weld pipe fitting elbow

3、Plate welded elbows: This type of elbow is made directly from a steel plate, typically for large diameters. The steel plates are cut and pressed to form a half elbow, which is then welded together to create a full elbow. This is the oldest production method used in the first pipe fitting factory of C&N HUITONG Group in the last century.

Elbow hot push process

C&N HUITONG pipe fittings plants can produce all three types of elbows. For seamless steel elbows, pre-inspection of the raw material is crucial. For ERW elbows and plate welded elbows, X-RAY testing is necessary, and quality testing for the welded joint is the most important aspect of such elbows.



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