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Tsingtuo Nickel Industry Co Ltd Sets New World Record with Ultra-Thin Hand-Tearable Steel Production

Recently, Tsingtuo Nickel Industry Co Ltd successfully produced 0.015mm ultra-thin hand-tearable steel, setting a new world record and bringing honor to the Chinese steel industry on the international stage.

Hand-tearable steel, also known as stainless steel foil, is a thin and valuable steel material widely used in various fields including aviation, electronics, new energy, and medical equipment. However, the technology for producing hand-tearable steel was previously monopolized by industrial powers such as Japan and Germany, restricting China’s development in this field.

Tsingtuo Nickel Industry Co Ltd‘s success in producing ultra-thin hand-tearable steel with domestically produced equipment not only broke this monopoly but also showcased China’s strength in technological innovation and independent research and development. Despite facing numerous challenges during the development process, Tsingtuo Nickel Industry Co Ltd‘s research and development team persevered through hundreds of failures, ultimately achieving this world-leading result through process optimization and improved operating skills. This success not only elevates China’s international status in the steel industry but also creates new opportunities for related domestic industries, such as foldable screen phones and flexible displays.

Looking forward, China’s steel industry must continue to increase research and development efforts to meet the growing demand for high-quality products and advanced technology. The government, enterprises, and society should work together to create a favorable environment and conditions for the innovative development of the steel industry, promoting China’s transition from a steel-producing country to a steel-strong country.



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